Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

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Assorted Fee Schedules

Environmental HealthFees
Effluent Bottle
Effluent Collection Inspection$80
$100 plus $25 per lot
Septic Permit Fee
Water Sample (Coliform)
Nitrate only
Nitrate and Nitrites
Coliform and Nitrates$68
Coliform, Nitrates and Nitrites $90
Well Permit Fee
Well Sealing (Abandoned Well) Permit$50
Closed Loop Well Permit (1-10 Boreholes)$100
Closed Loop Well Permit (every additional borehole over 10)$10
Pre-Site Inspection$50-100
Zoning Inspection Pre-site$100

Operational Inspection FeesFee
Septic and Well (at same time)$225

Operational Re-Inspection Fees:Fee

Contractor/Installer FeesFee
Closed Loop Well Contractor Registration
Operational Inspector Registration$25
Operational Inspector Registration (Out of County)$50
Pumper or Installer Registration$50

Miscellaneous ServicesFee
 Body Art
$0.15 per copy
Short Term Radon Test Kit$7.00

Food Permit Fees (Initial & Renewal)
Class I Food Permit$350
Class II Food Permit$250
Class III Food Permit$150

Seasonal Food Permit FeesFee
Class I Food Permit$175
Class II Food Permit$125
Class III Food Permit$75

Plan Review Fees (New)Fee
Class I Food Permit$400
Class II Food Permit$400
Class III Food Permit$400

Remodel Fee/Change of OwnershipFee
Class I Food Permit$100 to $300
Class II Food Permit$100 to $300
Class III Food Permit$100 to $300

Miscellaneous Food ProgramFee
Food Handler Training
Food Manager Class$124.00
Food Manager Class for Test Retake$61.50
Out of House Food Training$100.00
Test Strips$5.00

Extensive Remodel or Change of Owner

75% or greater of facility or any change in ownership:

  • 100 to 1,000 Square feet: $150
  • Over 1,000 to 10,000 Square feet: $225
  • Over 10,000 Square feet and up: $300

Minor Remodel

Less than 75% of facility:

  • 100 to 1,000 Square feet: $100
  • Over 1,000 to 10,000 Square feet: $150
  • Over 10,000 Square feet and up: $200

Temporary Food Permit Fees

  • With 5 working day or more notice per event: $20
  • With less than 5 working day notice per event: $30 to $75
  • On-Site/Day of Event per event: $40 to $100

Multiple Offenses will be at higher rates.
Multiple Pre-Pay will be number of days times $18

Late Fees (Beginning January 1 until January 10):
Food Permit Late Fee: $100

Late Fees (Beginning January 11 until January 31):
Food Permit Late Fee: $100
Plus Per Day Surcharge: number of days times $5

Late Fees (On February 1st)

  • Food Permit Terminated: License Holder Must Re-Apply
  • For New Food Permit (A Plan Review WILL Be Required) late fees will apply