Tazewell County Green Initiatives


The Green Iniatives Program is funded through Tazewell County landfill fees. This initiative is sponsored and supported by the Tazewell County Board and the Tazewell County Board of Health. Through the most recent Tazewell County Solid Waste Plan, five areas of focus have been implemented. The Tazewell County Green Initiatives Program may provide incentive dollars to jump start community organizations and businesses to begin or expand recycling and composting.


The five areas of focus are:

  1. Food Waste Diversion: partnering with the GITM Foundation to promote food recovery and food scrap diversion to compost.
  2. Special Events: providing recycling and composting opportunities during community festivals.
  3. Multi-Family Dwellings: increasing the ability of residents of apartment complexes to recycle.
  4. Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional: providing opportunities for large scale recycling.
  5. Education and Awareness: increase education and public information about the need to recycle and compost.

The 2018 Tazewell County Resource Recovery and Management Plan is listed here 

More recycling opportunities are listed here.