Radon / Indoor Air


Harmful effects of high levels of indoor radon gas are a problem. The solution is to reduce the number of homes with high levels of radon.

The aim of National Radon Action Month is to increase the public's awareness of radon, promote radon testing and mitigation, and advance the use of radon-resistant new construction practices.


The price of short term radon test kits is $6.


Tazewell County Health Department is located at 21306 IL Route 9 in Tremont, just west of the town of Tremont on Route 9.

Indoor Air Quality

Over the last several years, a growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air. Thus, for some people the health risks may be greater due to exposure to air pollution indoors than outdoors. In addition people maybe exposed to indoor air pollutants for longer periods of time. These pollutants also are readily accessible to susceptible groups of people such as the young, elderly, and chronically ill.