Medical Reserve Corps

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) volunteers are essential to support Tazewell County during the response to and recovery from a disaster. MRC volunteers are trained to support mass dispensing clinics and shelter operations.

The MRC is a national community-based movement that was established in July 2002 to recruit, train, and mobilize willing members of the community who have the skills, knowledge, and desire to help others in need during a disaster.

Tazewell County MRC volunteers with medical and non-medical backgrounds have the opportunity to partner with first responders to protect the residents of Tazewell County during public health emergencies and disasters.

The role of MRC members is to:

· Provide additional support at the community level to respond to local health needs and priorities

· Increase community awareness by establishing and maintaining a community-based volunteer system

· Supplement emergency services when a large disaster occurs

· Utilize the expertise of medical and non-medical volunteers to support response and recovery operations


A strong MRC is crucial for the county's ability to respond to emergencies. Through the MRC, people with medical and non-medical backgrounds have the opportunity to partner with first responders in the protection of Tazewell County residents during public health emergencies and disasters such as influenza epidemics, acts of terrorism, or tornadoes.

Examples of who can volunteer with the MRC include:

· Practicing, retired, or otherwise employed medical and/or public health professionals, such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, EMTs, dentists, veterinarians, nurses and physician assistants

· Community member without medical training, such as interpreters, clergy, office support staff, legal advisers, radio operators, and counselors

· Anyone who is eager and willing to help

MRC volunteers are trained and credentialed to help support Tazewell County during a disaster and receive training focused on specific disaster types that could occur in our area, including public health emergencies and weather-related disasters. Make the decision to become an MRC member, submit an application today.

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