Public Nuisance

  1. 6 TCC 1-10.
  2. 6 TCC 1-11.
  3. 6 TCC 1-12.
  4. 6 TCC 1-13.
  5. 6 TCC 1-14.
  6. 6 TCC 1-15.

6 TCC 1-10. Definitions

For the purpose of this Section, certain terms and words are hereby defined as follows:

(a) LITTER means any discarded, used, or unconsumed substance or waste. Litter may include, but is not limited to, any garbage, trash, refuse, debris, rubbish, glass, metal, plastic or paper containers or other packaging material, motor vehicle parts, furniture, appliances, oil, carcass of a dead animal, any nauseous or offensive matter of any kind, any object likely to injure any person, or anything else of any unsightly or unsanitary nature, which exists upon any private property within the jurisdiction of the County of Tazewell. This definition specifically excludes used or antiquated farm equipment.

(b) PERSON means any individual, partnership, or co-partners, firm, company, corporation, association, joint stock company, trust, estate, or any other legal entity, or their legal representative, agent, or assigns.