Tazewell County Health Dept.

Air Contamination

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6 TCC 2-1.                                                                       Salvage Operation.

6 TCC 2-2.                                                                       No Open Burning.

6 TCC 2-3.                                                                       Enforcement.

6 TCC 2-4.                                                                       Penalty.

6 TCC 2-1. Salvage Operation.

No person shall conduct a salvage operation by burning. (January 1971)

6 TCC 2-2. No Open Burning.

No person shall cause, suffer, allow, or permit open burning of refuse composed of animal, fruit, or vegetable matter, garbage, offal, or any other nauseous matter of organic or inorganic matter at any time except within a furnace or incinerator, and then not in a manner which permits the escape or discharge of noxious odors.

(January 1970)

6 TCC 2-3. Enforcement.

The enforcing officer under this Chapter shall be the Director of Public Health.

6 TCC 2-4. Penalty.

Violation of any provision of this Chapter is a Petty Offense.